Microsoft .NET is like James Bond’s cars

An odd comparison?…

“What exactly is the Microsoft .NET Framework?” (Tip: Read .NET as “dot net” – stands for Microsoft .NET Framework (Fx))
=> A typical (basic) interview question you might’ve asked/been-asked, or as a non .NET techie, you would’ve pondered about this question, isn’t it? A curious layman – think of an octogenarian relative/contact (grandpa!) – who’s heard about .NET (or maybe even not!)… He could fox you with such a fundamental question… Especially after you just looked him in the eye & told him that you work on .NET, at the same time as you straightened your shirt collar, or ran your hand over/through your hair.

A (kinda crazy) thought just passed my mind last week, when I was chatting with my friend Hari Krishna, currently a (HSMP) C# developer in London (he hates VB.NET, so explicitly mentioned C#)… Well I thought that the .NET Fx was *just* like a ready-to-use gadgets-fitted James Bond car – specially made-to-order (as per the movie’s script ;-))! ๐Ÿ™‚

I understand & agree (Yeah, I seriously do!), the .NET Framework is much much more than what it sounds above, but to a non-techie (or even to the interviewer), he/she gets the basic idea here. (I hope your octogenarian relative/contact (grandpa!) knows Bond as Sean Connery or Roger Moore… or if not, maybe he remembers the Bond girls, viz. Ursula Andress, Tania Mallet, Nadja Regin, Jane Seymour or Lola Larson! ;-)… Hey go easy, you could give him a hard situation at this age! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Back to our ย interviewer, he/she could also be impressed that you have given ‘deeper’ (& philosophical?) thought to their ‘question’, than just reply with a (vanilla)ย textbook answer.

I’ll delve in a little deeper… Stick along…

C++ (my alma matter!), is like an old HM Ambassador. Powerful, but with a hard steering wheel & manual transmission. C# (of course, throw in your other favourite .NET compliant languages too) is like driving a nice (relatively) effortless & large Toyota Innova with power steering & auto transmission. ๐Ÿ˜› ย (HK Sir always says he drives an ‘elephant’ in the city! :P)

Obviously, in contrast to the point above, though the Amby is not as fuel efficient as the Innova – increasing the ‘run-time’ costs; a binary built with a C++ compiler-linker is pretty small in size, as well as low & efficient on resources at run-time; in comparison to a C# intermediate language (IL) one. Let’s not get into the differences between a native binary & intermediate language code (IL is ‘supposedly’ OS independent. => ‘supposedly‘ because I’ve not tried porting, yet.).

So – while with a C++ program you have to spend a lot of time & efforts ‘plumbing‘ your code for optimal system resources utilization; C# allows you to focus on the functional issues of your program, rather than bother about the system resources. With the framework providing you with a host of goodies – it further alleviates your focus to the domain of the problem you’re working on through the program.

Isn’t that just like in the James Bond movies – where 007 has fantastic cars fit with special gadgets, specifically designed as per the movie’s script, because 007 uses each & every one of the gadgets it has? Though his cars don’t allow gadgets to be ‘plugged-in’ dynamically ifย required, he makes optimum use of the gadgets he has, i.e. his resources. He isn’t bothered about the car or the drive; he focuses on fighting the villains he’s chasing, or the ones chasing him, or even to charm his beautiful ladies. (OOPS guys -> Yehย Abstraction haiย mere yaar! – Listening to Rahman’s ‘Yeh Delhi hai mere yaar‘ from Delhi 6 while composing this, hence the quote… nevermind!)

Similar to Bond’s cars – the “Framework”…ย “.NET Framework” (the name is “Bond”… “James Bond”)… makes the developer’s life easy by giving him/her ample ‘gadgets’ (ready to use classes/libraries/controls) – and even allows third-party gadgets (custom classes/libraries/controls) to be dynamically ‘plugged-in’ & put to use without any dev delays. These days the developers are reading more about theoretical concepts like Design Patterns, Architecture & Algorithms – rather than learning the programming language’s ‘grammar’, or as we techies call it, syntax & parameters.ย Aah, truly RAD! (RAD stands for Rapid Application Development, & not ‘radical’)

So, is this convincing (or pakau) enough now? (Yeah, & I could drag this crap this long to compose such a long post… Eh!)

I do hear the hard-core Java guys (Madhav [Jaba?], Manju, Sukesh!) squealing: “Hey, Java has always been like Bond’s cars!”! Well, Microsoft ‘innovates’ stuff and *markets* all of it sooo well [bang, bang, bang!] ($ rules :-(), can you blame me that I didn’t compare Java here, instead of .NET?

11 thoughts on “Microsoft .NET is like James Bond’s cars”

  1. I’m a C++ guy. So let me present my views on the analogy.

    Its a good analogy between JAVA, .Net and Bond cars. ๐Ÿ™‚

    But I must say the the bond cars (JAVA, .Net) and the gadgets in the bond cars are limited by the JAVA and .Net Assembly lines .

    Where as C++ is like a Rolls-Royce, exquisite. Everything hand build even the smallest gadget gets the utmost attention. May not be easy to build, might be time consuming. But the end result is lot more satisfying. Amby or Rolls-Royce they rock. (Amby ruled the roost for more than 5 decades in India.)

  2. Thanks to the analogy from the C++ Pointer err.. Punter guys! Frankly if there is any BOND in the market then it is JAVA! Easy to download, convenient to setup, probably the most widely used and yes a BOND in providing solutions…

    C++ as I see (thanks to ur explanations) can come up either with an extremely low-end, highly-efficient (and should I add almost outdated) Amby or with an extravagant, polished, hardly-seen Rolls-Royce (I haven’t seen one in my life). Whereas in case of JAVA, it is used and cherished by everybody right from the Aam Aadmi (start-up companies) to the Investment Banking giants…

    So lets stop bragging about C++ in the good old fashion…. and swicth to JAVA ๐Ÿ˜€
    Right Nirav bhai…

  3. Rightly accepted… Frankly I have nothing against C++… I’ve always respected its prowess; all the more becoz it was my fav subject in college. But what irritates me most is the third-degree mental torture given by all non-JAVA folks in a desperate attempt to thumbs-down JAVA…

    Look at this post for eg. all was fine until the last paragraph where the temptation couldn’t be resisted any further ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. Raghu: What did you think about the last para – was it pro-Microsoft or anti-Microsoft? Was it pro-Java or anti-Java? Read it again and tell me — what is there which is an “attempt” to “thumbs-down JAVA”?

      This is not a serious post, and the “Java guys squealing” is a figurative way of talking… so don’t get “thumbs-down’ed” by that. Also the “squealing” is because – typically all the Java guys I’ve known (some listed in the post), now including yourself, immediately get defensive when Java is brought up. So I just put that humourously. ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. Somehow we never seem to be on the same page of choices… be it JAVA or Kareena Kapoor ๐Ÿ™‚ But overall a good article fueling interesting discussions.. Keep’em coming Nirav bhai…

    1. Thanks Raghu! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Agree to disagree… ๐Ÿ˜›

      Oh yes – now you can marry Kareena in Delhi! Courtesy: The new HC ruling there. ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. JAVA is meant for folks lazy folks :p do not want to work with pointers, functers and too lazy to release allocated memory and resources ๐Ÿ˜›

    BTW speaking of JAVA and Kareena, I see an analogy

    Smokin hot cup of tea = JAVA
    Smokin hot chic = Kareena*

    *conditions applies for Tashan and Kambakth Ishq movies only

  6. Hi,
    Coffee cup with java beans
    Kareena in Java Island
    Coding Java are as all just as much same.
    This is from Headfull java Guy

  7. Well the world is changing so as a techie ๐Ÿ™‚

    A village farmer used his cattle to plough his farm, plant seeds and he is able to successfully harvest his crop.

    Why does he need innovative machinery now? does he need to learn drip irrigation?
    not necessary if he still wants to work all day sweating in the farm and carry his 10 bags which he used to get.

    Coming to RAD it is not just to ease developer, it is to reduce Time to Market as well($$).
    And we do not require re-inventing the wheel to write every peice of software.

    No matter which one you choose (Kareena :P), each one is capable of getting the job done.

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