Vande Mataram: One Day, Maa Tere Hum

When was the last time you saw the Independence day flag hoisting or Republic day parade, live, or on TV?

Me: I seriously don’t even remember seeing it in the news – later in the evening – for the last few years. 🙁

When was the last time you sung (or even hummed on) the national anthem?

Me: Well, the last time I tried to – I forgot/mispronounced a couple of words. 🙁  This was something we used to sing *daily* during the school & college prayer-time/assembly. Growing old, eh? 😉

Though these were a couple of the “symptoms” we used to proudly show-off to demonstrate our “patriotic fever” towards our motherland, they seem to have faded away in our past – drowned in our current life-style. We used to love pinning/sticking the Indian Tricolour on our shirts, T-Shirts, bikes, cars, doors, etc.; running & cycling around with the flag held high; and wishing everyone a “Happy Independence Day” or a “Happy Republic Day”. Nostalgic, aah!

These “symptoms” used to get us a “high” and were on “display” only a couple of days before the 15th Aug and the 26th Jan — Hence, I’d coined it as “One Day, Maa Tere Hum“… (Read it like: Vande Mataram!).

Sujalam Sufalam Malayaja Shitalam Shasya Shyamalam Maataram Vande! (Note: I didn’t Google for the lyrics; these were verbatim from my memory! Aaah!)

Whenever you have some time to spare (about 2-3 mins.) please read:
and post your comments at the site, after reading. Thanks! 🙂

सुजलां सुफलां मलयजशीतलाम् शस्यशामलां मातरम् वन्दे ।
Visit here and read it with its English meaning, I recommend. (Googled only now!)

The fever has lost its fervor and here we are, still high on patriotism, but bogged down with other things in life. A PH – public holiday – to relax, travel, shop, have fun; that’s what the Independence days or Republic days are meant for now. 😐

With the country completing 62 years of independence, what’s on your to-do list for this 15th Aug 2009?

Me: I plan to get up early and watch the Independence day flag hoisting with my 5 yr. old daughter, Stuti. It will probably be her first Independence day “celebration” – the reasons for which, she’s yet to learn & understand. 😀

Chak De… Chak De… Chak De India!

Jai Hind! 😀


The Flag of India
The Flag of India

Indian National Anthem (Audio)

Indian Nathional Anthem (Video)

10 thoughts on “Vande Mataram: One Day, Maa Tere Hum”

  1. Yeah you are right. We have forgot so many basic things of our childhood. Few things like this, we should never forget in our life time.

    Frankly speaking, I am planning for the picnic on this weekend, but I will definitely watch the Independence day parade with my Son before i start.

    Jai Hind!!

  2. Yeah, good one. The problem with these anthem, these national lyrics and for that matter Hindu Mythologies, literature’s is that they speak a language that’s not intuitive not only for us but even for great grand parents. We read, listen and by-heart the lyrics without ever knowing the real meaning. Thanks to google at least now we can decipher what these words mean.

    Earlier we used to have only dooddarshan, so we are compelled to see the parade. In today world one channel will telecast Krantiveer, other will telecast Upkaar and we patrons end up doing channel surfing rather then watch a single movie completely.

  3. I do understand the sentiments (and heartbreak) for not remembering or watching the indpendence day.
    Leaving the sentiments apart, I don’t find much in these things. It may no more be apropriate to define patriotism by knowing the national anthem or Vande mataram.

    Yes, my parents grew up in a generation where the freedom struggle was going on. At that time the national anthem, the Congress party, Gandhiji, and other leaders, all became strong metaphors that represented the struggle and even the need for the struggle.

    I was born in indepndent India, but the influence my parents had lingered on. I used do listen to AIR commenarty and later TV live coverage of independence day and replublic day. I don’t do it nowadays, my father does.

    Fast forward ………

    The next generation; influnced by us will have less of these as the metaphores. The freedom struggle and anthems are not part of their history. They won’t be even able to understand why these are important.

    Having said that, it does not mean that patriotism is on the down. It will not go down either (at least for some time). The metophors of patriotism today is more oritented towards market driven factors like Industrial growth, Software, Yoga (yes, lot of business potential there).

    So as long as we can let us keep the metaphores of the past alive

    Vande Matharam …

  4. I am a true Indian, I do respect Indian tradition and agree with Sukesh. But for me Patriotism is fading really fast because of the Corrupted India.

    We love India. Our current and past governments were very successfully in the last 62 years to bring the nation in the top 30 corrupted countries in the world. Hats off to them. This statement is nothing to do with Congress or BJP or the nth Front – all of them are same wine in different pot.

    Imagine Bhagat Singh, Patel and other true national leaders where alive now? They will again take violence to clear the corrupted layer in India. 62 Years ago, we were Independent from “White”; Now it is time to gain independent from “Black” (black money, black listed ministers, black listed gundas).

    Chak de.. Chak de India….

    We should not expect the tax payer or the poor people living “under world” to go to each and every corner of the government and clean it up; we the educated people should drive the country to make this happen.

    I was touched by Indian Army, but the moment Indian Government made stupid mallu actor Mohanlal (good for nothing goat) as Army’s brand ambassador, I started hating army; likewise, each and every person’s patriotism will fade based on who is driving the nation.

    Meaning of government is changed to “Eat Poor People Money”. Some people might disagree with me. You are correct, we can see “x” government department make a road pretty by tarring and “y” department of the same government ruled by the same cabinet digs the same road the next day to put a cable. If enquired “y” government department replies saying no message is received from “x” department on this matter. Well we true Indian should take the responsibility to pass the message from “x” to “y” and vice versa.

    Indian brains are praised everywhere in the world, but to build India, we have people whose maximum education qualification is 10th drop out. Exceptions names do exist like ManMohan, Chithambaram etc but there looks odd in the crowd.

    Another Freedom fight has to happen; not the one Taliban is doing; the true freedom fight; the true freedom explained by Allah and Jesus Christ that there exist a society in the eyes of god where all the people are same; poor or rich; black or white everybody is same.

    My mission on August 15th is not to salute the tricolor flag NO.. never in my life, but to visit the poor people around my area and give some kind of relief (food, clothes etc) to them, so that at least they feel we all are India.

    Corruptde Matharam!

    1. In principle, I agree with Nevin’s comments, but what matters is what we are doing as educated people.

      Recently read a joke that ‘the educated lot who does not vote help the uneducated and corrupt to come to power’ or something like that. All means the same.

      It is easy for us to comment and say this is not correct, they are bad, etc. What matters is what we as educated able individuals are doing about it.

      Let me give one example by quoting an article came in one of the Women’s magazine.

      One lady teacher, travelling by train found that the menfolk smoke in croweded train causing nuisance to the passengers. Menfolk being generally smokers and using the power of unity could stop anybody even the authorities from preventing this act.
      This is an every day experience to most of the people who travelled in trains.

      This teacher decided to take this up. She filed a case against railway not imposing the non smoking rules in train.

      The Kerala High court gave a verdict asking railways to ban smoking on coaches. The cascading effect of this verdict was so large that in India we have smoking ban in public places.

      This teacher like any other person no special person. Not part of any political union or any party. She is just like our sisters or Mother.

      The difference is that instead of compalining to each other (being a non smoker even I used to do it), she decided to act and the reward could not be any sweeter than this.

      We have powerful RTI acts. Did Nevin use RTI act act and found out why and who was responsible for digging the road after tarring ?. If there is a lapse then there are laws to punish the guilty.

      The road in front of my apartment was dug a week after it was tarred. I am a lazy person. I knew all the above, but did not do anything. Just blamed everybody. The system, politicians, BBMP and what not.

      Patriots like me will not help the country.

      Coming to Malayalam Actor inducted to Army.

      Initially I thought the same. This is what I learned afterwards.

      There is a wing of Army called Territorial Army. These are reserves to the Army to back them up for any emergency when there is not enough manpower in the Army.

      Anybody can join. Even Nevin. You need to spend 3 months under army training. Any employer in india is bound by the law to give you leave for these three months. No project, no customer can stop you. You will be given a rank based on your age and qualification. You will not get any salary, but you will get any benefit a person in service gets, like military canteen, other civil privileges etc.

      Nobody knew this before. The Malayalam Actor joining the army has actually increased the awareness and many people are ‘contemplating joining’

      But you won’t. You don’t want to spend 3 months on army training losing your fat monthly paycheck. If there is a calamity, you will be called, you need to work on floods, natural calamities. During war time you will have to take the gun and fight.

      Patriotism like this also won’t help the country.

  5. Nirav Bhai, You have really grown old…
    Independence Day Parade???:O I thought Parade was during Republic day and during Independence day, Our PM hoisted the flag ar Red fort and gave a boring speech….

    By the way I am also following you in growth…I may be wrong too 😉

  6. Oops..A typo…

    “Independence Day Parade???:O I thought Parade was during Republic day and during Independence day”

    Should have been

    Independence Day Parade???:O I thought Parade was during Republic day and not during Independence day

  7. Nirav bhai, I appreciate the fact that you will be watching the Independence day parade with Stuti. Otherwise the new generation will be indifferent to the value of freedom and the respect to freedom fighters.

    I do not think that corruption has to do any thing patriotism. Its an emotion, a feeling that cannot be lost just like that..

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