Traffic woes, no one listens

I’d sent this e-mail on 26th Oct 2009 to the Additional Commissioner of Police (Traffic), Bangalore City (currently Commissioner Praveen Sood) – to highlight the lack of regulatory efforts to improve the traffic situation in Bangalore. There has been no response till date (11th Feb 2010)… Well kinda expected, you’d say. There’s little that we can do, or make an impact about, unless the regulatory body is *serious* about it.

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Date: 26 Oct 2009 02:07 am
Subject: Traffic Rules, Compliance & the Regulators

Hello Sir,

I have a couple of thoughts driving daily on the Bangalore roads:
1. We, the citizens, do not care or bother about the traffic rules; and even less about civic sense on the roads.
2. Then there are the regulators – the traffic police – who seem more interested to penalize the rule breakers & collect fines, rather than to make the citizens to comply by the law. (Is it true that there is a monthly “collection target” given to all the traffic officers, to be met?)

I’ve always wondered why do traffic policemen only stand inside a one-way, or after a traffic signal, (& such others)? Why don’t they stand at the start of the wrong end of the one-way and ensure that no vehicles come in & break the one-way rule? Similarly at a traffic signal its usual to find many traffic personnel waiting (rather waiting discreetly) *after* the signal to catch any offenders who break the signal. There are more traffic personnel seen waiting to catch the offenders & collect fines, than to regulate the traffic at the signals. Why is it being done this way?

Please understand, my intention to write to you is not as a complaint about these (& such others) – but more with a serious concern about the lawlessness on the road, which is increasing by the day.

My understanding is:
1. Some of the drivers are not aware of the rules. This is a problem caused by the RTO, which has issued them the driving licenses, without their being truely elligible for it.
2. And then, almost all the drivers don’t care much for the rules, because of their awareness of a lax regulatory body.

I do understand there’s a long way to get these things improved at the root level. However I look up to you for as much improvement as is possible by you, especially in the regulation of the roads. If the regulators get serious about compliance, I have a strong feeling that the lawlessness can be dealt with, effectively.

I am ready & available to volunteer as a pro-active citizen, for any help needed by your department, for this.

Thank you,

Nirav Doshi

5 thoughts on “Traffic woes, no one listens”

  1. It was absolutely the right initiative to write to the concerned person about this rather than delay/avoid it thinking of the responses/consequences.. that too after we all have read how proactive Praveen Sood is when it comes to curbing corruption, at least within the Traffic Police force.

    Having said that I am actually not surprised that you haven’t yet received a response from him. The reason I am swaying towards sarcasm here (which I am actually not) is because of the following reasons:

    1. Unlike the previous case, where a helpless citizen wrote to him complaining about a couple of specific merciless traffic constables, this time you are talking about a well established, deep-rooted menace. This is not something that he can action upon overnight (not even 2-3 months).
    2. Neither did he prefer to plainly respond to you saying he will look into it.. which is anyway non-satisfactory.

    Possibly, the only way situation can change is with the citizens/private-firms taking the first step. Eg: Jaagore! Instead of we offering to be a part of an initiative that he might take, if we go to him with a detiled plan , then he might review it and give it a shot.

    Considering his situation, where good-guys get long-distance transfers, every action will be questioned by politicians etc.. expecting him to take an initiative is a tough ask.


    1. Thanks for your thoughts Raghavendra!

      I agree this is a deep-rooted issue and not something which can be fixed over a short duration. However, my point is – simple issues like the ones raised in my mail – can be immediately addressed by him, they’re within his purview. If he gets those complied-to *strictly*, things could be much better.

      Thanks again!

  2. Superb Mail. Mr. Praveen sood had claimed he would look at all mails to him and would like to get suggestions. Let us hope so

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