Servicing the Bullet

My bullet (Royal Enfield Bullet) used to fall sick often. It had been chronically sick for a while now, though it was working as usual. I wanted to get it thoroughly checked up by a specialist, however I wasn’t able to get a really good one.

I had a couple of places that I could take it to – viz. – (1) Teknik Motors’ Polyclinic (CMH Road / Iblur); and (2) HSR Motors’ Polyclinic (Mission Road).

HSR Motors’ polyclinic had some serious problems. For whatever complaint you take your bullet to them, they would only register it as an IPD patient, admit it and monitor it for a few days (in the parking ward… wonder how?!) before they attended to its ailment & operated upon it.

Later, at the time of discharge – for some weird (& obviously greedy) reason – the doctor/ward-boys who attended to your bullet, would come out of the clinic & wait for you to tip him for his personalised “service”. After having paid the bill through your nose (no healthcare insurance available!) for the few days of IPD treatment, you were then also expected to *tip* this/these guy(s) so that he/they take(s) care of your bullet, the next time when you bring it in for treatment.

A couple of initial admissions to their clinic for scheduled treatment, did little good to the bull’s condition. So, instead I started taking it to the Teknik Motors’ Polyclinic branch at Iblur and/or CMH Road.

The physicians at the Teknik’s polyclinic were generally okay – (not good, barely okay) – but we had to manage with the kinda shabby OPD treatment there, as there was no other go.

Their bills, at discharge time, were equally torturous to the wallet, and no medical insurance meant the scars on the wallet stayed.

One unfine day, the bike finally gave up, even with all the regular treatment, and almost died on the road. Without an ambulance, after pushing the 200 kgs along for a little while, I was lucky that a tiny general practitioner on the Richmond Road referred me to a bullet specialist’s clinic which was close-by.

Pushing further through the tiny alley, there I was at the clinic, without an appointment and already late for work. The specialist, Wahid, was indeed an expert. He checked the bullet thoroughly and after a few tests, diagnosed the ailment. The treatment started and went on for about an hour or so after the initial 30 minutes of tests. After he completed the treatment, the bullet was back on the road, thumping all the way! I almost jumped with joy! 🙂

After all the experience, the bullet now has regular & scheduled appointments with Wahid – and it has eradicated most of its serious chronic ailments, except for one… its ignorant master.

(Wahid can be reached on: 9886147797 & is very close to the Vellara junction and Johnson market, near Richmond Road. Let him know you got his number from me -> Nirav Doshi. Thanks for reading!)