Lakshmi Trading Corporations

A devotee’s concerned letter to Goddess Lakshmi, on the eve of Diwali 2010!
(… And no, there’s no typo in the title of this blog, i.e. “Corporations“.)

Jai Lakshmi maa,

Blessings, are what everyone *wants* from You this season (Diwali). Every devotee of Yours pleads, begs, requests, demands, prays and then, expects a shower (rather, a thunderstorm) of Your kind blessings. Every prayer, every pooja conducted, is only done to appease You. Every devotee of Yours *wants* You to set up a permanent “camp” in their household, and in their life.

Of Your devotees, salaried people like me, are fortunate to have a regular shower (albeit relatively little) of Your kind blessings (with minute annual increments) – even though we also duly share our share of the blessings with the government, honestly/forcibly.

Then there are Your other bunch of devotees, businessmen, most of whom are Your ardent devotees and You also shower them with a relatively decent share of Your kind blessings. They’re further able to maximize their exposure to Your shower by employing certain loopholes in the law, or even by breaking the law. These devotees are a little more casual to their approach of maintaining their devotion – a few being spendthrifts – however, they still continue to stay under Your shower’s fair share.

However – even though these two classes of people, viz. salaried class & the businessmen, form a overwhelming majority of Your ardent, hardworking & karmic devotees — it seems that some of the rest, less than 0.1% of Your “supposed” devotees are the ones who are the ones You seemingly bless the maximum.

I’m wondering & worried, how is it that Your atrociously shameless, un-karmic & lousy “supposed” devotees – the politicians – _*bathe*_ in the thunderstorm of Your blessings almost everyday – while the rest of us, barely get a handfull throughout our lives? 25-30 crores worth of instant blessings are less than peanuts for these parasites, who get exclusively blessed in posh resorts to “do” (their only form of karma) something unholy, untrustworthy & unethical? (Not delving into the lawfulness of their actions – the law is twisted anyway.)

These so-called “devotees” undertake roles/work which they are utterly unqualified for (recently, the CWG) – and still rake sackfuls of Your blessings without actually moving a finger, until there’s some “aakashvani” (media/press) forcing them to act. They do “act”, but just as in “acting” & play around with the money, as well as the emotions of the countrymen.

I can go on… however, to resolve this, I’d sincerely suggest You to get some sort of a UID (Unique Identifier) assigned to all Your devotees, so as to ensure that you shower Your blessings’ ration after careful scrutiny of the karma of Your deserving devotees.


A concerned devotee

Dear Readers: Wish you and all your close ones a very Happy Diwali! Feedback/comments requested. Thank you! 🙂