Here I am, This is me…

This is Nirav Doshi’s blog (Gujarati: નીરવ દોશી, Hindi/Marathi: नीरव दोशी, Kannada: ನೀರವ್ ದೋಶಿ). He currently resides & works at Singapore. Though he’s originally from Panvel (near Mumbai in Maharashtra) – he has lived in Bangalore for ~8 years and then Hyderabad for ~4 years before taking up a job at Singapore.

His blogs are the thrownunhandled exceptions‘ (& handled exceptions too) that his ‘system‘ comes across in life! Like them or dislike them – do post your comments. He sure appreciates that! 🙂

P.S. Title courtesy – An amazing song, fits perfect too! –  Bryan Adams’ “Here I am” from Spirit: The Stallion of the Cimmarron! ;-)…

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