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3idiots and Five Point Someone

I started reading Five Point Someone last week and finished it yesterday (17th Jan). In-between, I saw the movie 3idiots on Wednesday 13th Jan, when I had partially read through the book. That probably makes me one of the few (rare?) persons who partially read the book, saw the movie in-between & then completed reading the rest of the book. 🙂

Anyway… both were awesome! 😛

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Not intending to rake up (like I can!) the controversy that has now cooled down, but personally I feel the movie was not as much as 70% taken from the book – as claimed by Chetan Bhagat. It also isn’t as low as 10-20% as claimed by Rajkumar Hirani & Vidhu Vinod Chopra. Instead, to me, the movie seemed to be about 50% similar to the book. The basic story, the characters, the plot – except the climax – were all from the book.

The message was obviously stronger in the movie. As a lifetime subscriber & self-appointed advocate of the message, I’ve also always said (rather argued with many relatives/friends/contacts) that – the Indian education system needs a major revamp. Churning out graduates doesn’t do any good for the industry, which would eventually employ them. The syllabus is old, the teachers aren’t experts in the subjects they teach (they’ve also come from the system itself), the knowledge imparted is shallow & there’s no value-addition.

I could never study for an exam, but – when asked to implement/present a new concept, I’d delve into it wholeheartedly. Somehow exams never meant important to me. The seriousness never kicked in, except for the worry of flunking. As in the book, where Ryan says – mug mug mug & then puke in the exams.

Similarly, I also don’t completely agree to the recruitment system where candidates are first filtered based only on their “qualifications”, and not on their capabilities. We still read “Only B.E./B.Tech. candidates should apply” in the usual job ads. Why? I’d understand the need for it, if the job required specific engineering skills.

Back to the “review”… The characters in the movie were mixed up a little. If I may specifically mention:
– Aamir’s character (Rancho) in the movie was a combination of Hari & Ryan from the book
– Madhavan’s character (Farhan) was a more like Alok (w.r.t. artistic skill), than Ryan
– Sharman’s character (Raju) was obviously Alok, crystal
– Omi’s character (Chatur) was adapted from Venkat, but he had a lot more to do than Venkat

The concept from the “Hindustan Bol Raha Hai” BSNL ad, where in a remote village Deepika Padukone consults a doctor over a video conference while delivering a baby, was used in the movie when the guys delivered Mona’s baby. I wondered if the child would actually grow up to be a watchman. Yeah – seriously – throughout the movie, he/she reacted only to “Aal eej vel“… Right?

Instead of Ryan’s Lube project in the book, Rancho had the “ViruS Inverter”. Instead of Alok jumping from the top of the insti’s roof, Raju jumped from the window in ViruS’s room. The movie had the hilarious “teacher’s day” speech – which was not there in the book. The movie had the hospital sequence where Rancho & Farhan desperately try to revive Raju, again not from the book. The book did not have “Jahanpanaah, tussi great ho! Tussi toph ho! Tohfa kabool karo!“.

(I got a hilarious SMS, stating that the movie could’ve done much much better financially, if Kareena had done a “Jahanpanaah,… Tohfa kabool karo!” atleast once.) 😉

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The book had a lot of Hari & Neha; missing from the movie. The book had the “Disco” – Disciplinary Committee; missing from the movie. The book had many professors, the movie only focused on Viru Sahastrabuddhe. The book had Hari’s interesting convocation dream, which also was missing from the movie. The book, obviously, did not have songs! (Whew!)

Many jokes/ideas/scenes were picked up from popular e-mails/pictures circulated on the internet, especially the 5 burqa clad women being photographed at Simla, the mixing up of the answer sheets after asking the supervising professor if he know the three of them, the use of pencil in space (US Vs. USSR, where USSR were the bright pencil users instead of spending millions like what the US supposedly did to get an anti-grav pen invented!) — then also the Rancho electrocuting the ragging senior’s scene – among others.

So – the screenplay was really a khichdi & not 100% original. To repeat Chetan Bhagat’s question – if the movie wins the Best Story award, who should go to collect it? I’d say – the movie shouldn’t be nominated for Best Story at all, after all – its not an original story. 😉

To conclude – disregard the controversy – “Aal eej vel” now!
AND, if you’ve not seen the movie, see it. If you’ve not read the book, read it. It really doesn’t matter, in my opinion, about which one you do first. But don’t miss any of them! 🙂