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English Winglish

These are one-liner goof-ups that I’ve collected over the last 25+ years. Believe me, people have actually (and seriously) used these in their day-to-day life.
  1. Writing mein likhke dena padega
  2. Without eggless cake hai   🙂
  3. Benefit ka fayada hi nahin hua
  4. Galati se mistake ho gaya   (Very old & well known!)
  5. Time kya baja hai?
  6. Tumne mujhse jhoota lie bola
  7. Dimag mein brain hi nahin hai
  8. Puncture ki hawa nikal gayee
  9. Fevicol chipak gaya kya?
  10. Superb mazaa aaya
  11. Blouseless sleeve   😉
  12. I am scratching my leather!   (Itchy sensation)
  13. Chance ka mauka nahin dena hai
  14. Bad luck hi kharaab hai
  15. That also comedy became… No?
  16. Monthly charge of Rs.100/- per month applicable (Actually picked this one up from the VSNL tariff page)
  17. Network mein wire nahi hai kya?
  18. Both of you three, get up
  19. Take a round-bottom flask of any shape
  20. Open the windows and let the climate come in
  21. A song from the movie BICHCHOO (Bobby Deol & Rani Mukherjee). The English line sung as part of the song is incorrectly translated from Hindi.
  22. => FIRST LINE in HINDI: Jeevan mein jaane jaana, ek baar hai hota pyaar…
    NEXT LINE in INGLEES: Once you fall in love in life, Once you fall in love…
  23. In the Hindi movie ALBELA Govinda’s favourite “Engliks” dialogue:
    “You Bloody Basket of Flowers!” 🙂
    And he calls Ash: “Madam Memsaab” ;-(

Send me your collection. 😛

Enjoy! 🙂